As you build wealth, you are confronted with ever more financial decisions that become increasingly complex and sometimes overwhelming. You face concerns like:

  • Am I saving enough?
  • Are my assets working for me as much as they should?
  • How should I be investing in this volatile market?
  • Does my investment advisor have my best interest in mind?

You are an expert in what you do. We are experts in what we do, protecting and growing your wealth. You deserve the confidence and peace of mind that comes with wise investment decisions . . . and we can give it to you.

We grow our clients’ investment portfolios using two distinct methods. We will work with you to determine the most appropriate model for you.



The first and most widely used approach is to choose us as your personal and trusted portfolio manager. You assign us discretionary authority to grow your money governed only by your interests and our expertise. Using the guidelines set forth in your Investment Profile Statement, we establish an asset allocation plan to achieve your goals. We then carry out your plan using key qualities that set us apart from other advisors, including:

  • Daily monitoring of your portfolio making changes, as needed.
  • Proactive communication and contact with you, especially during volatile markets.
  • Quarterly performance reviews over lunch or venue of your choice.
  • Maximizing your net returns by minimizing expenses and choosing profitable tax efficient investments.

Finally, consider this: you can trust our motives in managing your portfolio because we never sell you products. We receive no commissions, fees, or kickbacks from any external source. There is no conflict of interest. Why would you want it any other way?



The second approach is used by clients with portfolio values under our minimum portfolio manager requirements but are still seeking professional investment advice to get thems started on the right path. You receive a specific investment plan detailing how much and where you should be contributing your discretionary income. You will also receive a step by step investment strategy advising you of the investments you should use to achieve your goals. We are paid by the hour to provide you these needed services.

You can then either engage our services to help implement your plan or you can implement your investment plan yourself using the clear, detailed steps we provide you. Although we are happy to review your plan and recommend adjustments to your investments, you will be responsible for monitoring your portfolio and contacting us, as needed, for further review and advice.

As your money grows, you can easily be transitioned to the more desired portfolio manager model.



...the peace of mind that comes with protecting and growing your wealth for your family and future.


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