At Provident Financial Advisors, we don’t like surprises. Therefore, we use a proven process to set up your financial plan. Each phase of this process has been carefully developed to provide you an outstanding experience along with a realistic and useable roadmap to follow.

Free Initial Consultation – This meeting can take place via email, phone, or in person. After obtaining some general information regarding your current situation and goals, we will provide to you an initial assessment. This assessment will show any areas of concern that need further development, if any.

Agreement – If you decide to resolve these areas of concerns by developing a financial plan, we will then sign an agreement. This agreement will describe what we will provide for you and the fee for the service.

Gathering – The foundation of a good useable plan is accurate and detailed information. During this phase, you will give us detailed information regarding your current financial situation and future goals.

Planning – With the information you have provided, we then develop the plan that will help you achieve your future goals. After complete satisfaction, you will pay the predetermined fee.

Implementation – A plan is useful only if it is implemented. This includes making changes to budgeting and savings strategies. It may include purchasing insurance or setting up various investment accounts. You will also decide if you would like us to manage your investments. There are many benefits to having us also become your investment advisor.

Monitoring - It will be necessary to regularly review your plan and make adjustments, as needed, to respond to life changes. For investment advisory customers, we perform this service free of charge during an annual review of their financial plan.
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