At Provident Financial Advisors, we do not sell insurance. We never receive a fee or commission from you or an insurance company when you purchase insurance. Why then do we recommend an insurance plan? Because it is absolutely necessary to your financial well-being. We don’t want to see an unfortunate death or accident completely wipe out all of your savings. We don’t want to see you struggle financially and emotionally in an effort to pay years of insurmountable hospital bills due to illness.

So, how do you prepare? One way is to avoid situations that could cause death or hardship. You could stop driving. You could work from your home and never let people visit to avoid contacting unhealthy germs and viruses. You could stop using your furnace, your fireplace, your stove, or any electrical device that could potentially cause a fire in your home. The list could go on—and some precautions are wise—but I think we are both aware that it is naive to think one can completely avoid all risks. This is where insurance comes into play. Insurance helps spread the risk of these unfortunate events over a large population. When one person gets in accident, a group of insured persons cover the cost.

Our goal is to guide you in developing an insurance plan to avoid financial ruin if an unfortunate event occurs. This plan involves the purchase of many kinds of insurance depending on your situation, such as life, health, long-term care, disability, home, and auto. We will analyze your financial situation and determine if you have adequate amounts of insurance to protect you and your family and then recommend changes as necessary.

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